Company Introductions


The Firm Was Established In 2013 In Jamnagar With The Specific Understanding To Meet The Demands Of The Growing Market In The Field Of Electrical Power Distribution And Control Systems.

Class ‘C’ Electrical Contractor. Also We Are Registered With The E.S.I.C. & E.P.F.O. Departments.

The Members Of The Company’s Senior Management Team Have  An  Average  Experience  Of Approximately 20 To 30  Years In For O&M Project And Site Setup In The Multinational Company.


Our Objective Is To Achieve Customer Satisfaction And Continual Improvement Of Customer Services. Establishing Long Term Mutually Rewarding Relationship And Provide Excellent Quality Services To Meets The Requirement Of Our Customers.

  • AIM

Our Aim Is To Provide Higuality Of Services To All Our Clients And Make Continual Improvement To Our Services And People. Maintain Customer Satisfaction Is Prime h QFactor In Our Success.


Precisely Covering Electrical Fields, As An Act Of Local Success By Providing Most Of The Major Industries, Firms And Projects Located  At Ril Jamnagar

Over The Years, Project Planning And Turnkey Electrical Installations.

This Enables Our Customers To Turn Over A Concept To Us And Walk Away From The Project With The Confidence That It Will Be Completed In A Timely And Cost-Efficient Manner.

This Can Only Be Achieved With Good Communication And Understanding, And The Correct Use Of Contract Management Tools: Reporting, Progress Evaluation, And An Imaginative Flexible Approach To Solving Problem.


The Company Ensuring That By Maintenance And Continual Improvement Of A Quality Management System That Complies With Both Company Policies And The Requirements Of Iso 9001-2008 . Safecon Is Committed To Operate Every Aspect Of Business To Those Standards That Offer Higher Possibility Of Quality Of Service To All Clients. The Management Is Committed To The Continual Improvement Of The Quality Management System By Establishing And Reviewing Quality Objectives For  All  The  Area  Of  Company. This  Is  Ensuring That  The  Company Operates Effectively And Efficiently Meets The Needs Of Customer.


Safecon Provide A Safe And Healthy Environment According To The Health And Safety Work Act.As Per Our Safety Procedures

Make Proper Arrangements And Protects The Health Safety And Welfare Of Employee And Others Who May Be Affected By Its Activities.

 Meet Its Responsibilities As Employer To Prevent Accidents, Injuries And Damages.

 Provide And Maintain Safe Working Environment That Without Risks To Health, Safety And Welfare.

 Train All Employees To Be Aware Of Their Own Responsibilities In Respect Of Health & Safety

And Participating In Preventing Accidents And Injuries And Damage.